Second-hand equipment

The best choice.
Intermediate purchase,
assisted by Salvagnini.

Salvagnini offers a PRE-OWNED system only after careful assessment of its initial conditions, listing only the best machines from those sent by the sales partners.

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Choosing USED means:


Support during the negotiation between the parties and
a consulting service able to understand needs.


Preliminary check-up performed by our team exclusively
specialised in pre-owned systems.


Assessment of any ad-hoc revisions to customise
the purchase.


Relocation to your site guaranteed by our Service network
active around the world.

Do you want to sell a Salvagnini system with the help of our team of experts?

No problem, our experts can assist you through all stages of the sale, from the check-up and preliminary assessment to the actual sale and relocation of the machine.
If the systems meet Salvagnini's quality requirements and standards, they can be assessed by our specialised technicians and added to our website.

Please give your contact information below and you will be contacted by a Salvagnini consultant, without any obligation.

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