Second-hand equipment

Renewed Salvagnini.
Direct purchase, ensured quality
and warranty.

RENEWS is a philosophy, a mission, a promise. Purchasing a pre-owned product directly from Salvagnini means buying quality, control and support.

Understanding needs and configuring systems based on real requirements is a top priority for our company that provides a team with 20 years of experience dedicated to pre-owned systems, ready to offer targeted and specific consulting throughout the refurbishment cycle.

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Why choose RENEWS:


  • Consolidated internal structure, specialising in the management of the pre-owned process.
  • Consulting approach capable of understanding needs.
  • Support and analysis, providing the ideal system for your needs.
  • Feasibility study and, if required, acceptance test of the parts to be produced.
  • Check-ups performed by experienced technicians who follow the entire cycle: from refurbishment to installation.


  • Complete audit of the state of the machine.
  • Replacement of damaged components (mechanical, electrical and software) with original Salvagnini parts.
  • Check-up and upgrade of the safety status.
  • Update of the system's technical documentation in the appropriate language.
  • Use of dedicated refurbishing equipment, constantly monitored according to the Salvagnini standard.
  • Standard Salvagnini test before shipment.


  • Warranty up to 12 months covering the whole system.
  • On-site installation carried out by the same refurbishing team. 
  • Supervision of a dedicated Project Manager, as with new systems.
  • In-company training with specialised staff.
  • Global assistance and provision of spare parts worldwide, thanks to the Salvagnini Service network.

Do you want to sell a Salvagnini system with the help of our team of experts?

No problem, our experts can assist you through all stages of the sale, from the check-up and preliminary assessment to the actual sale and relocation of the machine.
If the systems meet Salvagnini's quality requirements and standards, they can be assessed by our specialised technicians and added to our website.

Please give your contact information below and you will be contacted by a Salvagnini consultant, without any obligation.

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